Sunday, June 24, 2018

Why you think your phone is vibrating when it's not.

Are we hallucinating when we feel our phone "vibrate" and we look down and do not have any notifications? While it may not necessarily be an actual syndrome, this does happen regularly to a lot of people including myself. Sometimes I either think I felt my phone vibrate or I think I heard a ring. Some researchers and doctors argue we could be hallicinating because our brains are perceiving a sensation that is not actually present. This also has probably been a thing since landline phones were invented; however, it is more common now because people are always on their phone and we have the ability to take it every where we go. One article I read even states, "Individuals with phantom vibration syndrome are so accustomed to hearing their phone vibrate or ring, that their brain expects more." There are many other factors as to why this could be happening as well. There are many studies that show the reasons why and even more studies are still being conducted today.


  1. Hi Madison! What an incredible idea! I have had this happen to me a couple of times too. It is so interesting that we believe that our phones, which are usually attached to us at the hip, are receiving a notification. It has become habit in our world and culture to look at our phones. Many times we look at it because we are bored and other times we look at it to avoid different situations. We even look at it to simply look at the time. Sometimes I reach for my phone to look at the time, I look at it, and then forget what time I saw. We just like looking at it! I like the information you provided about how we expect to hear it more. Is it a habit? Is it an addiction? Or is it an actual syndrome?

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