Sunday, June 24, 2018

Coke or Pepsi?

In the video, Buzz-feed does an experiment where the participants try and determine if they're drinking Coke or Pepsi. This experiment has been repeated over and over through out the years with different participants but it is interesting to see if people are able to determine the difference between the two. Most participants were able to tell the difference but most likely because they have drank a decent amount of both in their life time. Just like the book, See What I'm Saying, states, "we all have the ability to be expert taste testers." It's all about attention an practice. Therefore, someone like me who prefers coke over Pepsi will most likely be able to tell the difference between the two because I'm actually paying attention to what I am drinking. Where as someone who likes both, does not necessarily prefer one over the other, may not be able to tell the difference. This is because they most likely aren't concerned about which one the restaurant carries and just asks for "Coke or Pepsi, what ever you have." Nine times out of ten the waiter or waitress brings either over without telling you what it is and these people are the ones who aren't paying attention.

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