Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Temperature and Our Interpretation

You sit down on the couch for your nightly weather report. The TV states that it will be 70 degrees tomorrow. A simple question you should be able to answer is if that temperature means a hot or cold day, right? Well in reality it is not that simple as you will get different answers depending on who you ask. Temperature and our interpretation of hot and cold becomes subject to the environment in which we live. Instead the relationship between hot, cold, and temperature becomes one in perspective to what we are use to rather than an absolute defined temperature range for hot and cold.


  1. I find the temperature game so interesting, especially in the workplace. I tend to be warm all of the time, whereas my boss is cold all of the time. I work in a public library and about half the patrons visiting say the building is too cold and the other half say it is too hot.

  2. I do not determine the outside temperature based on just the actual temperature reading. I facture in the humidity and the dew point readings. The temperature may read only 70 degrees but with a high humidity and dew point, it may feel like 90 degrees.