Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hearing With Our Eyes

In the Video above, you will see that when looking away you hear the word "Bah," but as you look at the man speaking in the second part of the video you hear "Fah." This is when hearing with our eyes comes into play. By just looking at someone talking and watching their lip movements, this could influence you into hearing something they may not even have said. When the man is saying "Bah" in the first clip, his lips are moving to make a B sound, but in the second part of the clip the man is moving his lips to make an F sound, even though he is still saying the word "Bah." When our brains see this, we automatically think he is saying "Fah." Lip movements are a big influence when speaking to someone and reading what they are saying. This could lead to misinterpretations when you are not clearly listening. Our brains intertwine these two senses and mesh them together without us even realizing!

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