Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sound Resonance and Glass

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Sound can be measured by loudness and frequency. The loudness of the sound is measured in decibels, and the frequency or pitch of the sound is measured in hertz. The frequency of the sound being made can have a lot of interesting effects besides just loudness, which is either loud or quiet. Many people have heard of the notion that if a high pitched sound is played that it can shatter glass. This is true, and due to what we call resonance. Resonance is when at a certain frequency, a vibrating system or force causes another object to oscillate with rapid amplitude. Each glass has different but similar resonance frequency. So, if a sound is played with the perfect resonance frequency matching the glass, in the vicinity of a glass, it can vibrate the glass so rapidly that it can cause it to actually shatter. This phenomena has been tested numerous times and proven true on Myth Busters with an opera singer.

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