Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fingerprints and Touch

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Fingerprints are one of the more questioned and intriguing parts of the human body. Obviously organs like the eyes and brain are far more advanced and studied more for good reason. Fingerprints are not nearly as exciting or mind blowing as other organs, but the reason we have fingerprints is what's really questioned. Our eyes help us see, our nose helps us smell, our tongues taste, so why do we have fingerprints? Our fingers themselves are used for grabbing and touching, but why the prints? The reasoning originally thought of was friction, which still makes the most sense. The grooves on our fingerprints actually allow us to have more friction when grasping or touching something, which makes things less slippery in our hands. The amount of friction and its usefulness is still being questioned, but without fingerprints it would definitely be harder to hold or grab stuff that has a smooth surface.

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