Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Eye

The eye is really important to me. It is a very big part of my life. My best friend got a microphone stand thrown at her by an artist who seemed off into something dangerous. After this incident, nothing was the same with her vision. Her optic nerves were disrupted cornea was damaged. Since this incident, she must do exercises to practice using her eye muscles.
The rods and cones are very sensitive as the eye is as a whole. Rods are cylinder shaped and large while cones are small and tapered. The fovea consists solely of cones. The periphery has more rods than cones. The peripheral retina has both rods and cones. There are way more rods than cones! My best friend damaging the cornea was vision threatening since it accounts for about 80% of focusing! Accommodation is when muscles are tightened which causes the lens to thicken. Myopia is the inability to see distant objects clearly. Hyperopia is the inability to see nearby objects clearly.

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