Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Autonomous sensory meridian response is relatively new phenomenon especially on the internet. It is what occurs when you are presented with certain stimuli that activate a relaxing, tingling sensation in the body. These stimuli could be in the form of tapping sounds, whispering or just watching someone complete an activity like folding towels. In the brain these stimuli activate the sensory and auditory cortex's. For example watching a video of someone cleaning your ears would involve the somatosensory cortex and auditory cortex to work together to create the illusion in your brain that someone is actually performing that act on you. This is where mirror neurons come into play. When you watch someone do something you begin to play out those movements in your head. If you watch a video of someone playing with sand or painting a picture, you start to feel as though you are doing it as well. This new phenomenon has much research that still needs to be done in order to better understand what causes this reaction in the body and why it does. For now it is purely just for entertainment purposes. Later on it may be used in a more clinical setting.

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