Thursday, November 30, 2017

Improving Eye Transplant Improving Success Rates

This article is very interesting because it discusses how much improved doctors are becoming on successful eye transplants to blind people and what interesting new information they discovered which will only benefit future transplants. They new lowered the failure rate which were 20% to remarkably less than that now due to new eye discoveries on the cornea and easier surgical routes with more promising outcomes.

With these great new discoveries there are reduced rejection of organ to body rates and few complications. With lower risk more people are willing to take the risk and ultimately change their perception of the world permanently for the better. These doctors are suggesting that with these improved procedures it is possible to have perfect vision as soon as weeks after the surgery which is truly remarkable.

This article is very relatable to our perception class because we discus the functionality and the structure of the eye which was easier to relate to even now after reading the article. I would recommend this article to any psychology student or anyone in general interested in advances for the blind and interested on the recent improvements made which are now groundbreaking to historical methods and failure rates.

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