Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I hate the sound of my voice

Personally, I have always hated the sound of my own voice when I hear it on a video. Something about it bothers me, as if I do not believe I actually sound like that. I’ve always believed it sounded more high-pitched and nasally than it does to my own ears. After asking a few of my friends and family, they informed me that they experience the same feeling when they hear their own voice as well. Why is that?

Simply, the voice you produce to speak out loud is different than the voice everyone else perceives when you speak. The reason being the difference in perception between yourself and anyone else listening. When we hear voices from others, those sound waves go directly into the ear, hitting the ear drum and producing vibrations which then gets processed into sound. As an individual speaks, while they are speaking, their ear drums vibrate not only from the sound waves, but from the vibrations we emit while speaking. The movement involved with producing speech causes vibrations of their own to create that sound like the vocal cords vibrating as we speak. Thus affecting our ability to process the sounds we produce; altering perception.

The combination of sound wave and body vibrations has the effect to make your voice sound much lower and more rich. So when hearing your voice, without those vocal cord/body vibrations it often sounds foreign and unpleasant. This is why we hate the sound of our own voice.


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