Monday, November 20, 2017

Brain Sensitivity Machinery is Not Constant but Oscilating

This article says that the ears have oscillating receptors that connect to the complex brain. The study suggests that the ears rotate peak sensitivity for optimum reflex time. The ears perception delivered to the brain for reaction perception is known to be one sixth of a second. One sixth of a second it takes someone to respond normally in a conversation. This complex job on the ears is important for sensitivity. The ears must always be prepared in sensing events in the environment. The study examines visual perception as well as auditory perception and says they do not cooperatively enter the brain simultaneously, but however, the ears fluctuates and changes over time naturally so it does not adapt to a constant function. They support their understanding to the cyclic theory that the functions go through cycles rather than again being constant. Communication between the ears, eyes, and brain may have oscillating access to the conscious. Therefore, "flickering like a light bulb" for access to the conscious for resources. This is explains why resources aren't pouring out to an idea and much though must be continuously pulled to keep exploring an idea. I found this very interesting because after reading it, I kind of makes sense and was a big brain teaser. An at home activity would be try to pull a story continuously without having to pause to remember a event in the story. The pause represents a new oscillation. This article would be very useful to student studying perception in psychology because this topic is relatively new and has plenty of room to be explored and expanded on.

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