Sunday, June 25, 2017

Understanding Language

Our brain works in mysterious ways. We do things all the time and do not even realize that we are doing it. When people talk to us we can visualize their face even though we have not seen their face yet. Even when we see a familiar person face we can hear what their voice sounds like. We can recognize sounds familiar sounds all the time. Whether a person can hear and not see or vice versa there is always a way to communicate and understand.

People can also recognize language through lip reading. When it is difficult to make out what a person is saying because they are talking to fast or to low lip reading can help make out some words. Since I work at a daycare my coworkers and I practice lip reading often. If we do not want the kids to hear us talking about a certain toy or their parents, we will mouth out words to communicate to each other. This way we do not upset the children.


  1. I agree, I am bilingual so whenever my coworkers and I communicate through lip reading I can tell whether it is in Spanish or English by the way they mouth their words. Like I can almost tell what they are going to say. I find this super interesting and I'd like to learn more about it.

  2. This was a very interesting chapter. I really did not realize how often I look at peoples lips when they are talking to get a better understanding of what they are saying. Great topic!

  3. Gabby, I entirely agree that I find myself looking at people's lips to help better understand what they're saying. Last summer I worked as a server in a restaurant that was always so busy and loud from the echoes that were a result of the high ceilings. While taking orders, I would be sure to look at the lip's of the person who was ordering rather than sticking my ear in their face because sometimes that wasn't even an effective way of hearing the person. Definitely a cool topic!