Friday, June 23, 2017

Facial Expressions

                The first one-tenth of a second establishes an impression of a person just by seeing their face. According to research, the impression will not change despite how long the face is seen. Character and personality traits are also clues that can be read through an individual’s face. Expressive habits subtly change the facial structure and mold the facial look. The books referenced the comment, “you look like your significant other.” This happens over time and correlates to the fact that the more emphatic expressions shared by spouses results in the similarity of their facial appearance. This concept leaves people questioning, did they really look alike or are their expressions the dominant factor?

                 Personally, I experience this phenomenon daily. My sister and I have been attached at the hip for 22 years but we are not twins; we are actually quite a few years apart. Distant relatives and friends who we don’t get to see every day always tell us that we look more and more alike every time that visit us. In my opinion and my immediate family’s we do not look alike but recently I have been beginning to see what they are saying. I catch myself making the same exact faces and expressions as she does (not on purpose of course). When I was younger I would mock her constantly coping every thing she did until it became natural for me and I began to do it on my own. We are both look different but over time have gained some facial similarities. The website below explains how we tend pick partners who share similar qualities and personality traits as we do. When those of similar personalities come together they share the same experiences and same reactions thus creating the same facial expressions.

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  1. I saw a video on Twitter the other day where a baby (less than 1 year in age) was passed back and forth between her real dad and her dad's identical twin. The two men look really similar and when looking closely at their facial expressions and even their mannerisms with how they would point to each other, I can totally understand the strength of facial expressions and how it becomes mindless to mimic the expressions of those close to you for long periods of time. Here's the link!