Tuesday, June 20, 2017


How Smells Trigger our Emotions and How important it is

        I chose this video because it reminded me of life itself and the smells around me. Whenever I smell Faboloso the cleaning product and bleach I think of my mother, she always kept the house clean. She kept it so clean that I use to feel like Cinderella when she taught me how to clean properly and I mean she use to put her finger on the things I clean just to see if dust came up lol. Also the smell of a newborn baby reminds me of the three lives that I brought into this world. The baby lotion smell and the infant natural smell is just amazing, precious and so innocent. When I worked at a daycare I use love the smell of babies because it reminded me of my own children when they came out my womb, makes me feel happy and loved. However, the smell of Coffee I hate with a passion it gives me an instant headache, I have no idea why but it has always been like that since I was a little kid. I remember my freshman year in High school, how my teacher sat next to me in class drinking her coffee and I asked her if I could relocated because because her coffee was bothering me and she blew her breathe and my face and said No. Talk about upset, because she was being unprofessional and rude. I will never forget that day, so when I smell coffee I think of her. I never thought about it until I read this book how smell can trigger your emotions it can make you feel happy, sad or angry. I just read a post today on Facebook on how my friend gave birth and her daughter passed away two days after she was born and she said I miss my daughter's smell that right there is a sign on how smells triggers our emotions.


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  2. It's interesting because when I smell clorox and cigarettes I think of my dad. It's not often that I encounter this but when I do its an overwhelming feeling. My dad passed away 9/2013 so its a very difficult thing and I think so often scent is connected in grief.