Monday, June 19, 2017

Multisensory Perception-Lip Reading

Speech reading is often used synonymously with the term lip reading. Speech reading is using what you see on the speaker’s lips as well as facial expressions and gestures to understand conversation. Everyone, even those with normal hearing, use visual cues. In a very noisy room, most people watch as well as listen to understand.  Speech therapy can be beneficial for but people with hearing loss and people wishing to communicate with them.  People with early-onset deafness are usually better at speech reading.  This is especially true for people whos deafness is profound and, began before the bulk of language acquisition.  Recent research shows that early-onset deaf individuals are usually able to speech read, from a silent face, more tan twice as many words and sentences than hearing individuals. 


  1. I have always sworn that I can't hear as well when I don't wear my glasses and people always give me the weirdest looks. But, this book, and your summary, just reaffirmed my belief. We all use lip speech reading every day and even though she may not have known it at the time, that's why my mom says look at me when I talk. We hear and comprehend better when we can see faces.

  2. I agree with both of you, better yet people who are deaf or even people who depend on speech reading I give so much praise to because I am so bad at speech reading it's ashame. I need visual cues, I need to play a scene out because me and speech reading do not get along lol.