Friday, June 24, 2016

The Tadoma Method

So, I come from quit a large family my mother alone has eight sisters and four brother, along with some adopted uncles as well. Her father, my grandfather then has six other brothers and seven sisters not to mention all their children. My great grandmother, the mother of my grandfather started to lose her eyesight at the age of 60 gradually she eventually was completely blind. Many things in this book were extremely relatable as we all have senses and are able to relate in one way or another, in particular Rick Joy’s story reminded me of my great grandmother. The way he felt faces in order to know what they were saying, using the form of communication known as the Tadoma method. Although, my grandmother was not both deaf and blind, whenever one of her family members would come to visit, we would walk over to her she would feel our hands first then our faces, then automatically say, “this is such and such’s child isn’t it”. The astonishing part about all this is, she grew to be 102 years old before she passed, she lived in Honduras her entire life. All of my mother’s brothers and sisters migrated to the Unites States, therefor her coming across my particular hands and face would not be constant, rather years apart. For example, I went to Honduras for the first time when I was three months old, I did not return until I was eight. Not to mention that I have another sister, and yet she would never confuse us, as long as she felt our hands/face she knew exactly who we were. I believe it was easier to pin point her grandchildren, like my mom or my aunts yet she never once guessed incorrectly. I never even really thought too much into it until now, it is truly amazing how our body works and how we adjust to certain scenarios. I remember she would always sit in a chair in a corner, and whenever someone walked into the room she would talk to them, because I assume now, she would sense them. I never really asked how she knew someone was passing by, but this book helped me understand how our senses compensate for one another, and how perhaps she could feel the pressure on her face change as the book mentions. I personally wear glasses myself, and I have begun to wonder if perhaps I have compensated in another way that I may not even be aware of. The book explains that even the smallest deterrence in one sense can lead another sense to compensate.

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  1. That is amazing! I never knew that people felt peoples faces in order to know who they were or what they were saying. It is amazing how great a persons senses become when they do not have all of theirs working properly.