Monday, June 27, 2016


The section on speech was extremely enlightening.  Learning the brain actually uses so many other cues to determine what is being said is very interesting.  It reminded me of when I was a teenager overseas in Germany for a vacation.  I was in my hotel room one night looking for something to watch and whined down for the night.  There was a Jean Claude Van Damm movie on I liked a lot, however, it was not in English.  It was voiced over in Germany.  I forget why I decided to leave it on but I noticed I could still tell what was actually being said, for the most part.  Now I have seen the movie before but certainly did not have the script memorized.  I figured it was because I had seen the movie before.  Now I wonder if the reason I could generally tell what was being said is because my brain was seeing one language and hearing another.  After reading the section on speech I believe it is a strong possibility subconsciously my brain was lip reading because the language heard was not matching what the actors were saying.

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