Wednesday, June 29, 2016


When first opening up this book I could not believe what Daniel Kish does to help others who are also blind. Teaching them about echolocation and using that to help to bring their other senses out. Most of us take our sense for granted, like being able to see. I believe that because I am able to see, I take the rest of my senses for granted. I am too focused on the sight of things to really be involved, I do not focus on the smell, or the sound or the taste as much as I focus on the sight. The first thing I do when I get food that is visually appealing is take a picture, instead of focusing on the taste or the smell. Or at a music concert I video the whole thing, when I should really be listening and observing the feeling and the sound of the place that I am in. Having all senses work at their fullest makes me not realize the good things and not fully putting myself into the situation I am in.

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