Wednesday, June 29, 2016


As I was going through our book for our midterm and final, I revisited the end of chapter 3.  "You can Smell Danger" covers the life of an man with anosmia. That is the loss of smell. I went on the great and almighty youtube and found many videos on the lives of those who were diagnosed with anosmia. Below is a video of a young lady who documents her experiences with what things taste like without being able to smell them. It is so incredible that our sense of smell has such a strong influence and connection on what we are tasting. The second link goes into more depth about anosmic tasting and how they are much more sensitive to the basics of food and even the taste of water.   Tasting Chocolate  Explaining taste without smell

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  1. I found the chapter on anosmia to be extremely interesting, as I have a friend who has been effected by it for years. I thought the videos you posted were good examples of how it feels to have anosmia. It is crazy to think about how much a lack of smell effects not only your sense of taste, but everything else in life too.