Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sense of Smell

Mostly all of us take our sense of smell for granted, but there are some people in this world that unfortunately do not have a sense of smell. Most of us do not even think about what it would be like without having the ability to smell. This complete loss of smell is called anosmia. Without your sense of smell food tastes different and you can not smell scents. Before taking this class or reading the book I have briefly heard about anosmia but did not fully understand what exactly it was. I learned that you can either be born with it or develop it, which I found interesting. I could not imagine not having a sense of smell. You would miss out on tasting new food and smell the air around you. People with anosmia do not let it ruin their lives though. For example, like what we read in our book relating to Karl Wuensch. He was diagnosed with anosmia, but did not let it ruin his life. He found ways to live with it which amazed me. I found an interesting article about a man who lost his smell, which I will attach the link below. Most people, including myself, take for granted our use of smell and when you loose it, you do not realize how much you depend on it. I'm happy I had the opportunity to learn more about anosmia and now realize how much we actually depend on our sense of smell! 

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