Thursday, June 30, 2016


Before being enrolled in this class and reading the assigned book I had never truly thought about people who lost their ability to smell. Things such as being deaf and blindness are more common in the world to me because as an outsider looking at the public these two things are visible and you are able to identify them right away by instruments such as the walking cane for those who are visually impaired, and sign language for those who are deaf. But anomia, or losing the ability to smell, is not noticeable to the outside world, but is also very unfortunate. I learned from chapter 3 that you can either be born with anosmia or it can happen at some point throughout your life from certain things such as drugs, chemical, or diseases. There is now surgery that can be done to restore the lost of smell and works instantly! Here is a video of an interview by CBS where a patient and her doctor discuss the procedure she had that restored her sense of smell. Fascinating!

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