Thursday, June 30, 2016

Adaptations for Blind Sports

Growing up I had always felt bad for my cousin who is the same age as me, but is blind. She would also be so interested in hearing about the sports I was playing or the fun activities that I belonged to. There was never any blind sports organizations around where she lived to be a part of as a kid and that discouraged her as she grew to become a teenager and an adult since she had never played before. I believe it is fascinating to hear of beep baseball in our book and the different modifications they made to the game in order to make it happen. However, baseball is not the only sport where there are modifications made in order for the visually impaired and the blind to be able to participate. In a video I found on youtube there are 6 different sports included that tell of the modifications and changes in the sport for the blind and visually impaired to be able to participate.


  1. aw, I agree. Although there has been improvements in impaired sports its just that they are not available within every town and so forth. So a person would really have to research and most likely commute to the area that has it.

  2. Really awesome post and informative video on blind sports, I take interest in the mental aspect of performance and can only imagine the mental toughness of blind athletes. Staying sharp on auditory skills to perfect your swing or kick must be a taxing process, but all the more rewarding.

    Kathleen Oswald