Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Training your taste buds to like flavors.

Have you ever wondered why you hate certain foods or spices when you are younger but eventually grow up to like them? I used to hate vegetables when I was younger and now years later I am a vegetarian. According to Elizabeth Phillips, executive vice president and provost of the Arizona State University, flavors that are introduced prenatally to the baby are usually favored after birth. In fact, she goes on to say that studies have shown up until the age of two years old babies will try any food. If the child is not given a certain flavor before the age of two, chances are they will not like it. This is where most parents make the mistake of thinking their child doesn't like a certain flavor so they stopped giving it to them, Phillips says. Studies suggestion if you are exposed to a certain flavor about 10-15 times you will being to enjoy it. A few years ago Phillips ran a study and would give kids broccoli but with a little sugar on it. After about six times this children began to enjoy the broccoli on its own. So if there is a fruit or vegetable that you hate you can try mixing it with something that you do like (as long as you can still taste the flavor of it), and eventually you will most likely enjoy it on its own.


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