Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blue or White Dress? Why we see colors differently

Blue or White Dress ? Why we See Colors Differently

In this article from national geographic it talks about this dress that went viral and people were seeing it as blue and black vs. gold and white. Everyone seen this dress differently some seen black and blue and the other seen gold and white. Joseph Rizzo a neuro- ophthalmologist at Harvard Medical School he was explaining that its the wavelength  of light  reflected into the back of the sensation of color. And that when the light reaches our eyes is affected by the material that we are  looking at a material and some subtle  personal differences.Then there was Neil Adams an ophthalmologist saying , that these phenomenon are well known and that people perceive differently or think os one set of colors or images, when in reality its something different he calls it Reverse Eye Disesase  through Better Nutrition. He explains it if light skews in one direction a color looks blue-black . When I looked at the dress I seen gold and white .

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