Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Taste-Changing Food Experiment

Would you ever think that a different kind of spoon or fork could alter your taste buds?  Well, it can.  I found a video online on an experiment using 3 different types of spoons: gold, zinc, and stainless steel (which is what we usually eat with), and the host of the video tried cream with each spoon.  When he tried the cream with the stainless steel spoon, he said it tasted like regular cream that he is always used to.  When tasting the cream with the zinc spoon, he said that it tasted like metal more so than cream.  And lastly, when he tried the cream with the gold spoon, he said it tasted creamier.  So why does this happen?  When we put any kind of metal in our mouths, atoms are coming off of them and interact with our mouths.  Zinc happens to be a very reactive metal which is why the host said he tasted more metal than cream.

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