Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Indoor sound quality vs outdoor sound quality

This summer, I was able to see my favorite electronic/funk duo, Big Gigantic five times. Big Gigantic originated in Boulder, Colorado and have been rising in the charts of the EDM scene. Dominic Lalli plays the saxophone and is the producer, meanwhile Jeremy Salken is the drums behind the awesome beats.They are known for their jazz like sounds from Dominic's talent on the saxophone while playing their own electronic music/beats as well as remixes of other popular DJ's songs.I have been a huge Big Gigantic fan for numerous years now, and since I have been going to music festivals, I've seem them a total of 10 times. 5 of which were this summer. I was able to see them in Arkansas at Wakarusa Music Festival, Baltimore, Maryland at Moonrise Festival, Moosic, Pennsylvania at Camp Bisco, and Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison,Colorado. Those listed were in outdoor venues and last time I saw them was in Philadelphia at one of their headlining smaller shows, which was an indoor venue, all stage productions were set up differently because of the festival/show they were playing. The four times I saw them outside, the saxophone and "live" sounds projected through the fields. I could sit on my blanket multiple feet away and still hear everything perfectly projected. When I saw them in a small venue who's capacity is only 1,500 people, the bass noises and the electronica sound they have projected over the live jazz sounds Dominic makes. I never knew that there were such differences in sounds until we talked about them in class and the projection and surrounding areas really does take a toll on the quality of certain sounds.

Here is a video link of Big Gigantic's Set at Wakarusa 2015!
Check out the funk that I absolutely love and their AWESOME stage production
(I did not take this video so the visual quality is not so good...probably from a cell phone... disclaimer: videos DO NOT give full experience compared to being at a festival for a week)


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