Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Autistic Sensation and Perception

Until recently, I was very unaware of the sensation and perception difference in autistic children. I am an in-home therapist for autistic children and in the short time that I've had this job, I have been discovering these difference everyday. For example, if there are too many lights on, some children will try to turn the lights off because their eyes are more sensitive. Many times, if you squeeze their bodies it will calm them down because they like the feel of pressure on their bodies. Finally, autistic child are more sensitive to sound. many times during therapy, the sound on a phone or iPad (which doesn't go too loud) will be enough to bother them. Since many of the children that I work with are non-verbal, they will try to control the situation by turning off the lights or turning down the sound. If they are not able to take matters into their own hands, the children may become very upset or cover their eyes or ears  (almost as if they are in pain, which they very well may be).

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