Sunday, November 8, 2015

Autism and Music Therapy

     For those unfamiliar with autism, it is a spectrum disorder in which those diagnosed process senses such as sound, speech, facial expressions, much differently than a healthy brain. However, the section of the brain related to music, functions the same way as a normal brain. Music therapy has become a choice therapy for those with autism, because it has proven to be successful in helping heal the parts of the brain that do not usually function normally. Studies have shown that children who attend music therapy at least once a week, have significantly better behavior, moods, reaction to different stimuli (sound), speech, and overall. emotional processing. I first gained interest in the field of music therapy, after my younger brother began attending several sessions to help treat his autism. He became a changed person who has grown up to become such a wonderful, empathetic, social, warm, intelligent, hard-working, young man and music therapy is a huge factor in his growth.
  Below is a link to explain how music therapy works and has helped several children in New Jersey and several other children around the world.

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