Monday, September 21, 2015

Visual Development in Infants

After reading an article on babies visual development I was shocked to find out that babies are basically born colorblind. They only see shades of gray, however, overtime they begin to develop different shades of color and other visual skills as well. A babies visual development is a bit different than their hearing; after birth, a babies hearing will be fully developed after its first month, whereas a babies vision takes 6-8 months to fully develop. The babies eyes are able to see right out of the womb, it is the brain that isn't fully ready to process all that it is seeing which is why it comes out blurry and gray. During the first month, the baby will learn to focus his eyes on objects and zone in on one thing. Month 2 is when the baby starts distinguishing color tones and different shades. At 4 months the baby will start to develop depth perception. From then on all these skills will grow and become even stronger over the next few months. Sometimes, babies need glasses to help correct farsightedness and prevent the possibility of developing a lazy eye. So below I have attached a super cute video of a baby getting her glasses put on for the very first time. Her reaction will melt your heart.

Here is the link to the article I read:

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