Thursday, September 24, 2015

Celebrity Face Blind Test

Prosopagnosia, also called face blindness, is an impairment in the recognition of faces.  In class, we watched a video about a man who had this.  He was not able to recognize faces very well, if at all, so he would pick out a distinct feature in someone's face in order to remember them.  He had said that he grew up with a set of twins as a kid and everyone had a hard time telling them apart, except him.  He knew them apart by picking out one distinct feature that each one of them had.  After watching this video, there was a link that we could visit which was a face blindness test on celebrities so I decided to try it out.  I ended up with a score of 96% which is pretty good.  The average percentage of people who took the test would get a result of about 85%.  Recognizing faces over names comes easier to me but I was surprised at how many names I did get correct while taking this test.  Not being able to ever recognize faces is crazy for me to think about since it is something that I don't have a hard time doing.  I could never imagine not knowing my best friend's face or even my own for that matter.

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