Thursday, September 24, 2015

Auditory Processing Disorder

I was searching perception difficulties and came across something that I have never heard before, it was called Auditory Processing Disorder. I knew that a child could have difficulties such as being deaf or being hard of hearing, but I did not know that the way you interpret something when you hear it can actually be disrupted as well. The disorder happens when the brain processes incoming information the wrong way, it can interfere directly with language as well as with any or all aspects of learning. In my opinion, this is quite alarming and could mean that there are students in school who have this disorder and are doing very poorly in their work because of it. There are common areas of difficulty that are associated with Auditory Processing Disorder such as auditory memory, auditory sequencing, and auditory blending. It is important for the parent to write down any signs that show their child could be developing these disabilities and fortunately, there are special services in the school that can help.  


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