Friday, September 18, 2015

ASL and facial expressions

In my previous college I studied American Sign Language. Prior to studying the language, I always wondered how they could understand people's moods. How did they know without hearing the tone in someone's voice that the person was annoyed, sad, etc.? The answer is simple, they watch facial expressions. Facial expressions are an extremely important aspect in ASL. Deaf individuals not only become great at using their vision to read facial expressions, but also to read lips. When I was studying the language, it was hard for me, as a hearing person, to be able to get used to making such exaggerated facial expressions to get my point across. Although, after a while it became less and less hard, and became more fun. I think that using facial expressions put much more passion and emphasis into the story being told.  Facial Expressions and signs This link brings you to a Youtube video that shows different facial expressions that are used with different signs.

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