Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sense of Smell

One of the most interesting chapters I found in this book was chapter three.  I never realized how much we rely on our sense of smell.  From this chapter I particularly liked learning about Karl Wuensch.  Of course if someone lost any sense it would be life changing.  I could never imagine not being able to see or hear my loved ones, but I never thought about not being able to smell them.  After this chapter I have a new perspective.  I love the smell of my boyfriend's hoodies, my baby cousins, bonfires, and coffee.  I would hate to not be able to smell them any more.  I also realized how dangerous it can be.  Simple daily tasks, such as cooking, would now need more attention and can be dangerous.  There were many things that shocked me and made me realize how much we rely on this sense, without reading this book I probably wouldn't have thought of a lot of things that smell influences.  I am now much more appreciative of my sense of smell after reading this chapter.

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