Friday, December 5, 2014

The kids who can't stop eating (third post)

We tend to think of people who can't stop eating do it intentionally, that it is something they can change.
I found this aspect of understand why some people cant stop eating and how serious and uncontrolable it can be. This lady states that someone with prader whilli have an addiction, that fridges have to be locked and they have to be watched 24/7. You have to constatly make sure they feel full.
It relates to perception because even this mom states that she has to cut her childs food up small so that it look slike sh eis eating more.
As they get older, it can be very life threatening from over eating, because they will not stop, from eating soap and paper ect. They are so addictive that if you do not help them with their eating they will eat anything. They call it their dealdy appetite.

Worth a quick watch if youve never heard of it.

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  1. I have never heard of this before! It's so crazy that something so simple as being full after a meal can impact your life so greatly