Thursday, December 4, 2014

Real Beauty

The video below shows how we view ourselves, not what we really look like. In the video an artist draws people without seeing them according to how they would describe themselves. Then another person comes in and explains the same person but how they viewed them from the outside. The images are very different from each other, the ones described by the person themselves is much "uglier"  or less like them than the second image. The second image resembles their real person better than the first, it is amazing how negative we can be about ourselves. It is all about out perception on beauty and where we fit into that category. Many people lack the ability to see the true beauty inside and outside of us. It is really a wonderful and heart warming video made for the Dove Real Beauty Campaign.  


  1. I find this video pretty incredible. We often put ourselves down by compairing ourselves to other people who we see as "better". Even most of us with "good" self esteems will describe ourselves in more negative opinions.
    I think this is a good video for helping portray how perception can emotionall effect our lives ect. Its more than just science.

  2. I think this video is awesome! It really plays on the fact that we as individuals are brought up in such a way that we see ourselves far more critically and very rarely do we accept what we are; we are more focused on things that we would like to change. It is interesting to see that other people can see us more accurately for who we are, in this instance even more accurately. Can we truly see "ourselves"? Even though we can see a reflection of who we are, what we choose to notice is entirely dependent upon our perception of ourself and therefore is never an actual representation of our true self. If we choose to see the negative aspects, that is our perception and vice versa. This video can go to show that we are not limited to our own perception, rather we need to collectively see each other's perception of the world as an extension to see things differently and more openly.

  3. This video really makes me want to re-evaluate how I see myself. I wonder what the exact reason is that we view ourselves as less attractive. is it because of social influence and emotion or because of some type of evolutionary purpose. Regardless we all shouldn't be so hard on ourselves.