Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Restoring the sense of touch through technology

New technological advancements have made it possible to restore the sense of touch in those who have lost their limbs.  Something straight out of sci-fy movies,  scientists have given a man from denmark who lost his hand the sense of touch thanks to a new bionic hand.  This was possible thanks to implanting electrodes into the nerves in his lower and upper arms, and then it took him months of training with the device.  They also had to implant sensors into the bionic hand that detects an objects shape and turns that into an electrical signal that then is sent up his arm to the electrodes they implanted.  Bionic technology has been making rapid advancements and it'll be incredible to see what kind of body modifications and enhancements there will be in the next 50 years.



  1. On the one hand (excuse the pun) I'm quite fascinated by the implementation of bionic technology because it does help restore 'normal' functions in people's lives. However, it is also scary to think that at some point in time, not everyone will be entirely "human". I guess it's scary to think about because the way humans perceive things is unique and by being able to re-create them using machines is almost de-humanizing. The advances are still great from a scientific stand point and at this rate, I'm sure we will be able to re-create an entire 'human' simply from machinery!

  2. This is awesome!! I have seen the reports of the bionic limbs and it is incredible how they work. Who would have thought that technology would come to this level!