Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Post #4- SONA Alternative

I watched a few experiments that revealed how color affects how you taste food. In this video, the narrator explains that we taste with our eyes long before we taste with our mouths. We perceive red as being sweet, yellow as sour, and blue and dark colors as having a poorer taste. We perceive blue and dark colored foods as having a poor taste because our brains have associated those colored foods as being bad or spoiled. In the experiments in most of the videos I viewed, the participants were given flavorless jello dyed with red, yellow, and blue flavorless food coloring. Their reactions to the different colors matched the hypothesis that they would see them as three distinct flavors. What was interesting to note was that even after the experimenters told the participants that they were all the same flavors, they continued to believe that they were different.

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  1. My group is actually doing a presentation on this tomorrow. My mother used to dye mashed potatoes green on st. patties day and I refused to eat them because of their weird color and I always thought they tasted sweeter then regular mashed potatoes. I wish I saw this before today! If you wanted to read an article about it, google Burger King Japans Kuro Burger.