Friday, October 3, 2014

The Bionic Eye

The Bionic Eye is an interesting article about training the brain to improve vision for people that have retinitis pigmentosa. Journalist Rachel E. Gross gave an awesome contrast to the saying "eyes are the windows to the soul" by stating eyes are not rather they are "the windows to brain" in paragraph one. She describes the retina as being the extension of brain tissue that creates the "miracle of sight" which in turn allows the rays of light to be transformed into language of the brain which we know as sight.  In 2012 headline described a medical device called Argus II developed by Second Sight which proclaimed to restore sight to those with retinitis pigmentosa. The discovery of Argus II was amazing because it had the ability to naturally tap into the eye'. Mark Humayum, the creator stated his device bridged gaps between the visual signals and the brain by speaking the biological language.  
In closing, Humayun wishes to have more than 60-pixels and extend the device so it can work for those  with macular degeneration however that would mean going beyond two-eight megapixels. For some the 60 pixels are enough to help regain their independence. 
This article was published in The Atlantic  by Rachel E. Gross. 

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  1. This is a wonderful advancement in technology! This device is amazing how it can return sight to those whom have lost it due to damage. The "Bionic eye" gives me hope for my daughter who has recently suffered significant vision lose due to a head injury. Great job in finding a unique and informative topic. Thank you!