Friday, October 3, 2014

Skin a Wondrous Work of Art


Dermatographia urticaria in my opinion was awesome to learn about even though it may not be awesome to have. The trauma to the skin is described as an "allergic reaction to minimal physical stimulation." This happens by skin cells releasing chemical such as histamine which fluids the leakage from superficial blood vessels. In addition, other reactions can also come from cold weather, strong emotions, hot water, and exercise. The allergic to touch became a craze when artist Ariana Page Russell posted photos after drawing on her skin in 2008. Soon she discovered many people had the same condition however they did not know what it was.  As a result, some people have to take antihistamines- Russell refuses to mediate stating she rather own her skin and make it positive.  All in all, because of her courage she has gotten praises from people all over the world for sharing photos and  spreading world wide knowledge through her art.   
This article was published in The Atlantic  by James Hamblin. 

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