Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stem Cells Can Help The Blind

            According to the Untied States Bureau of the Census there are about 6,679,300 individuals whom are blind in the United States. One form of blindness can defined as eyesight bad enough, even with corrective lenses, that they need an alternative method to engage in any activity that persons with normal vision would do using their eyes.
            In a recent experiment scientist tried to restore vision by injecting stem cells into the eyes of 18 people who are blind. During the study the scientist coaxed stem cells into developing into cells called retinal pigment epithelium cells, which they then transplanted into one eye of each of the patients.
            After the experiment the eyesight improved in 10 of the patients eyes. Eyesight remained the same in 7 of the patients and actually got worse in one patient.

            I found this to be interesting that scientist are finding ways to use stem cells to correct blindness and hopefully this technology can be used in the future for other ailments.

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