Monday, October 13, 2014

I did not do any prior research for this blog, but I thought I would write about my life for the past year. My daughter is not 13 months old and watching your senses grow and her learn more each day is amazing. While taking this course and talking about our senses, I pay more attention to this things my daughter can perceive. Since we have mainly only discussed sight so far, I will discuss how my daughter lately perceives objects. Object permanence which I know has a lot to do with brain development is where you realize something exists (or is a things or person) even when you can't see it. This, my daughter is slowly starting to develope as now when I walk into the other room she searches for me instead of crying because she thinks I disappeared. You can observe this by peek a boo also. When a child still jumps or gets startled when they see your face again, they have not developed object permanence. I always find this idea of perception kind of amazing. Out of sight, out of mind when you are a baby.  I guess if I had to discuss something that has to physically do with the eyes and retina ect, it would be watching my daughter learn to see things at further and further distances. They start of only being able to see a certain amount of inches (i think it was 10-12) in front of them and now she can see me just as I could see her.

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