Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Selective Rearing

Selective rearing is the process by which an animal is exposed to only certain types of stimuli. Blackmore and Cooper are two well known researches who studied selective rearing in cats. Blackmore and Cooper used young kittens who's visual cortexes were still developing and kept them in dark rooms.  When he allowed them to be exposed to light one group of cat were only shown vertical lines while other cats were only shown horizontal lines.  The results of the study showed that the cats who were shown the vertical lines were unable to perceive horizontal planes and the cats who were shown the horizontal planes were unable to perceive vertical planes.  The study all found that since that cat did not see any moving objects it was unable to follow a object using its sense of sight alone.  Eventually the cats began to regain their abilities to see horizontal and vertical planes.  They also began to follow moving stimuli.  You can learn more about Blackmore and his kittens by following this video link... Colin Blackmore and Selective Rearing

By: Brandon Pipitone 

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