Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tongue Display Unit

The touch tongue display unit really interested me. It doesn't seem possible that feeling vibrations on your back would enable you to see. It is also interesting that when using it, you are able to see more with practice. Obviously, most things get better with practice but this doesn't seem like it could be one of them. I would need it explained to actually understand the tongue display unit, but it seems like it could really help out many people. My boyfriend's mom is legally blind and I believe this would help her a great deal. It is so hard for her to get around on her own. My boyfriend is constantly taking her out  so she doesn't have to stay in the house but it is hard for him because he constantly has to be there for her since his dad works and is also not able to move around too much on his own. Matt is 26 years old and wants to live his own life too. If his mom had the tongue display unit, she still wouldn't be able to drive but she would be able to cook much easier, without anyone's help, and she could get around the house much easier as well.


  1. I give your boyfriend a lot of credit for doing what he does. I too know what it's like living with someone who's dependent on other people. Nevertheless, the TDU is a great device to help give back some of the independence to people who lost their sight. It's great to know we live in a day in age where we have the technology and resources to create a something like that.

  2. My mother is blind as well, almost 5 years ago my dad past away. My mother was a registered nurse for 40 years. I thought things would be much different, but they are really not. She does not have a TDU, she lives in our family home. She is not a shut in she participates in different activities everyday! In her spare time she crochet's prayer blankets. She does not let her blindness control her life, nor enable her. Although we go and visit more, she will pick up the phone sometimes and say i'm coming to visit and have access link bring her. I tell her I will come get her but she insists on her independence.
    Of course I worry about her, but she taught us independence and continues to live it. I will always be there for her, I am just a phone call away and all she has to do is ask. She did a great job raising my sister and I, mom and dad were ALWAYS there when we needed them. Life is a complete circle, and when ever she needs us, we will be there.

  3. I forgot to add, Have Matt or his mom look into the Commission for the Blind often they can help with technology.