Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Crisp Taste

I found chapter five really interesting. Never before had I taken into consideration that all five of my senses, not just my sense of taste, contribute to how my taste buds react. I found the potato chip experiment especially interesting. Participants eating chips with the sounds magnified seemed to had eaten more chips and reported the chips actually tasting better. While reading about this I found myself reflecting on a personal habit of mine. I am very particular about what apples I will and will not eat. For me, the first bite of an apple decides whether or not I am going to eat it or throw it away. If my first bite is not hard and crisp I am likely to throw it away and try a new apple. This is a horrible and wasteful habit but now I realize that how loud my first bite is contributes to how much I will enjoy the apple.


  1. It's funny you say that about your apples. I do that with sub rolls. There is nothing like a fresh, crispy sub roll. I can't eat a sub roll that is soft and falls apart if you put anything in it. I literally need to hear the crunch in the first bite or I won't eat much. Call me crazy, but I am very picky about my food!

  2. That's really funny because when it comes to apples I do the same thing!

  3. I find myself doing the same thing with apples. You never really realize how your senses work together and how losing one could drastically change your life.