Tuesday, June 24, 2014

sounds of silence

As I read chapter one I realized a few things about my personal senses. I can for sure think back to times when my sense of hearing was very useful in finding my way through and obstacle in life no matter what that may be. I can think of times being in the woods as a kid remembering sounds of deer sprinting through the woods. My friends and I for what ever reason would then sprint after them the sounds of the leaves and bark off old run down trees would give us clues to how close we were. A woodpecker pecking away at a tree was a classic example. Anytime I would hear a woodpecker I would look around. Soon after I could use my sense of hearing to see how far exactly and in what direction it was pecking. The only animal I wanted to see but was so hard to see was an owl. Particularly because the times I would be in the woods late at night I couldnt see much.

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