Tuesday, June 24, 2014


In chapter two Karl Wuensch discussed his fading sense of smell which was called Anosmia. I was interested in his story because I went through this in high school, and my aunt has had it long term for over 10 years,
When I was in high school I noticed my sense of smell was fading after a bad cold. I never thought I would lose it for almost three years. It was such a depressing time in my life because I love smells. I never knew what it was until I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with acute anosmia. He told me that chances of my sense of smell coming back completely were very slim. Luckily because I was young, it came back completely, without treatment. It was so freaky and I never really understood the problem.
My aunt also lost her sense of smell around ten years ago, and it has never returned, I cant imagine going ten years without smelling a flower, perfume, food, coffee etc. I completely agree with Karl when he stated that he missed the smell of people. Since my smell came back it has been heightened. I never realized that people I love have smells, but my mother has a smell and I always smell it on her pillowcases, and my grandmother. I can’t describe what the smell is but it’s comforting, and when you don’t smell familiar things it’s depressing. 


  1. Suzanne,

    It must have been really confusing to suddenly lose your ability to smell! It must have been really difficult for you and your aunt to go through. Thankfully your sense of smell is back... It is strange how we are unaware of how many sensory experiences affect us, as you said, your sense of smell is part of your connections with your loved ones. Thank you for sharing your personal experience.


  2. Powerful story you have there, I can imagine losing my sense of smell at all. I for sure feel how reflecting on this chapter and hearing this story makes me reflect on my own life. The sense of smell is so important for even well being reasons.

  3. It must have been extremely difficult to go through such a thing as you did but lucky you gained your sense of smell back. It's important to hear and share experiences like this with others so people have a better understanding. Thank you for sharing.