Friday, June 6, 2014


How would you feel if you lost one of your senses? It never crossed my mind how I would function or have to go on with my life. Especially the thought of losing my sight. I have heard that blind individuals have enhanced hearing to make up for loss of their sight. It never dawned on me just how much they rely on their hearing to get through their daily routines. The experiment in the book about how they blind folded children in the hallway and had them walk through the hallways that had objects in it. They also had them walking through the hallway while looking down at their cellphones. They guide themselves using echolocation by the sound waves reflecting off of things. After learning about sound waves during intermediate school and high school I knew how they bounce off of objects and how acoustics of a room determines whether you can or cannot hear things, but I never fully processed to me that we use this in our daily lives. So to remove sound for a blind individual it would make it extremely hard for them to function. It fascinates me how they can do so many things just like average people who can see without needing someone to constantly guide them or give them direction.

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  1. I could not even imagined! I had a scare when I was in 8th grade. I went to the nurse for headaches all the time and they thought I needed glasses. But, unfortunately my optic nerve bled into my eye ball which caused scar tissue. When I go to the eye doctor and they put up the lines of letters, I can only see the last three looking out of my right eye. I was so upset because they did not know why this happened or if it would happen again. Knock on wood, I have been good ever since, but I have to see a specialist every 8 months just in case. I was so scared, so I give these people props for accepting their loss and benefitting from them. I do not know what I would do.