Friday, June 6, 2014

Echolocation Experiment?

      As a Psychology student, I find this class very interesting! Although I am aware of our senses, I never looked into them so deep. I have spent many years working with individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as a family member.
     Thus far, I think each of the chapters have been enlightening. In Chapter 1, we learned about Echolocation, how amazing it that? I have been up and down the sides of mountains several times on an ATV or a horse, and I was very nervous each time. To think about putting a blindfold on an trying it is just out of the question for me! I may how ever try it walking with a blindfold on just to try and experience it. Just image for a minute, finding a parking spot at Stockton, before you look around, put on a blindfold, get out of your car and head to class? Do you think that you would be able to find the class without breaking your neck? and second, could you get there using the echolocation techniques before the class was over?
     Professor, I think that this would be an interesting experiment for a class. Some will come to class from the parking lot, others from a class somewhere around the college. So before they leave the class before yours they would have to put on a blind fold and use these techniques and the mental pictures in their head to find you classroom. What do you think? The best way to learn is by experience.

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