Monday, June 2, 2014


I am completely fascinated by the fact that the police force hires blind people for wiretapping. It is amazing that although blind people have a lost sense they are still being offered jobs and can do them better than people that are fortunate enough to have that sense. One of my childhood best friends is blind and I always thought to myself wow I would be hopeless without being able to see and I probably wouldn't be able to get into the career I want because people hiring might have a bias against being blind. When I read this chapter it really made my whole perception change. I am really intrigued by blind people being able to detect criminals without even knowing what they look like. Also another thing I found fascinating was that you can detect a criminals gender by footsteps. That is absolutely amazing!


  1. I completely agree! It is amazing how blind people are able to adapt and still reach amazing career goals even if they have not been the goals they had set for themselves originally. Losing a sense allows these people to adapt in way they never thought imaginable and we could not imagine being in their least I can't!

  2. I feel the same way. In high school I knew a girl who was blind. I was in ninth grade when she was in twelfth. I always felt do bad for her and I thought about how difficult it would be for her to get through life. It was nice to read about blind people being offered jobs. It must be really good for their confidence, and it probably makes their lives a lot more fun, too!

  3. The State of New Jersey hires blind folks. One time, I was up in Trenton, stopped at a concession stand to get a snack and a drink while waiting for a meeting. I put the snack and drink on the counter along with a five dollar bill. I was not looking at the gentleman who was waiting to wait on me. He said, "What would you like?", I said, "these" and tapped my hand twice on the counter. He then tapped the counter twice and said, " I can't see what these are!" I looked up at him and the poor sole was blind, OMGoodness! I was so embarrassed! I said, I am so sorry, so I told him, he rang it up and asked me to put the bill through a machine that verbally said, "five dollar bill". He knew how to give change from the register, and did. I said thank you Sir and I am sorry. He said it was okay and have a nice day. To you too, I said. To this very day, I look at EVERYONES eyes!!