Monday, June 2, 2014


So far I have read through the first three chapters of the text. Personally, I have been most interested in Karl Wuensch's story. After reading about his experiences I have come to realize that I seemed to have been overlooking the actual effects our sense of smell has on us all. Interaction is a key part of life and I feel as though the three most apparent senses while interacting with others would be seeing them, hearing them, and feeling them. However, the author makes an eyeopening point when he speaks of the emotions we can feel simply by smelling something or someone familiar. Seeing, hearing, and feeling allow us to enjoy those we interact with while they are though however, it is often their scent that lingers.
Reading that Karl Wuensch misses the smell of humans more than anything else was extremely upsetting to me. After I had finished reading, I found myself attempting to identify the scents I associate with my mother, father, and brothers. I had never really noticed it before but I can in fact pin point objects that below to each of the members of my family. I cannot imagine not being able to experience these scents along with so many more such as the smell of home after being away for a while, the smell of my favorite food, or even the smell of the ice cream parlor that I have worked at for almost five years now. So far, I have really enjoyed reading through this text and becoming aware of all my senses have to offer.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. There is nothing like the smell of "home" after a long day at work. These smells that come along with the things that we love are part of why we love them. It's scary to think we could lose our feelings towards the things we love due to the lack of smell. One would think that hearing, touching and feeling a person would be the most important, but smelling a person plays a big part in an interaction also.

  2. I definitely agree. I was really interested in this chapter as well. The other day one of my friends left perfume in my car. I smelled it and knew exactly which friend's perfume it was. When I read this chapter, it made me realize how that happened. Our sense of smell is so strong, even though we may not realize it. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to not have a sense of smell.

  3. My dad died nearly five years ago, it is very difficult for my mom to get rid of some of his things. Last week she asked me to help her give some of his clothes to Goodwill. When I opened the closet and saw his clothes, it was also like I could smell him coming out of there, the clothes were clean, but it was an weird feeling, but comforting one. It was very difficult to do. I never thought about missing the smell of someone, but it is true.

    Like kdrex64 said about perfume, you should never where it on an interview, it could trigger a negative experience in the interviewers mind, therefore not giving you the job. That perfume could have been worn by an employee that got fired of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.